The 300th Army Band is open to talented musicians, male or female, who are qualified to enlist in the Army and can pass a prearranged audition. But more importantly, the band is for anyone who has a passion for their instrument, a love for music, and a desire to use their talents to serve our country.

If you are accepted into the band, you will be required to complete nine weeks of Basic Combat Training — just like any other recruit joining the Army — where you will learn the fundamentals of being a Soldier.  

But, after BCT, you'll get down to 10 weeks of serious musical study — Advanced Individual Training — at the Army School of Music in Norfolk, Va. Once you've completed AIT, you'll then begin your career with the 300th.

The first step to joining the band is the audition. Our main interest will be in your demonstrated musicianship (tone, technique, rhythm, and intonation), your ability to convincingly play in a variety of styles, and your ability to learn music in a short period of time.  

You may contact an Army recruiter near you, who will help set up an audition with an Army Band Liaison.  Or you can also contact us directly, and our staff will help you get started.

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